Understanding and interpreting the financial results in business can be confusing.  When it all seems too hard many businesses will ditch the financial results and check the balance of their bank account. Although this can be helpful, it does not represent the full picture.

The reporting function is an analysis of the financial results of historical activity that influence success and shortcomings.


With a plethora of reports available It's easy to become lost in all this data and one can easily begin to lose sight of the bigger picture.  Where do we start?  It’s critical to understand

-  What the reports are saying

-  The underlying drivers and levers of the organisation

-  How these reports are going to be used

-  Don't skip interpreting the underlying issues in the financial reports

There is a saying that ignorance is bliss.  However, we can promise you it is not.  If a business wants their business to grow, the owner must review and understand what the financial reports are saying.  The financial reports indicate the health of their business.


Chrysalis Advisors are qualified, experienced experts and know how to pull together this critical information.​

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