Over the past 10 years, there have been significant changes to the way businesses manage their financials. For many, this comes with a great sense of relief. 

While for some, this can be confronting.  Thank goodness the days of businesses running their financials through Excel have passed, well hopefully!


Many accounting software packages allow a plethora of third-party add-ons that increase the capacity of the software.


Many accounting packages are a general ledger system that relies heavily on the end user subscribing to add-ons. Some add-ons are brilliant, some, not so brilliant.  They are what I would consider a core add-on.  That is, they improve accuracy, save time and money.  Others are a complete distraction and only add headaches.  Don't be distracted by the latest fad or app with unsubstantiated claims. Do your homework.


Don’t be a slave to your accounting software.  Make it work for you.  You work too hard in your business to be distracted.

Chrysalis Advisors offers training in bookkeeping so you can understand your numbers. This is a unique approach because we journey with you as you learn and grow in the understanding of your numbers.  By having accurate and timely financial information you will be able to make well informed business decisions.


Training is conducted one on one, specific to your business needs.


If you are wanting to have accurate and timely accounts, call me today to discuss further.