Why us?


Over the past 10 years there has been significant changes to the way businesses manage their financials. It is time to think differently about how you manage your finances and challenge the status quo by thinking outside the box.

Chrysalis are qualified accountants with real business experience understanding the day-to-day struggles every business face. We provide commercial financial leadership and advice to the business, through understanding and interpreting financial results and business trends; creating insights to assist in effective decision making

Chrysalis helps to plan for challenges and opportunities ensuring the business meet their key objectives. We have a proven record of communicating and educating critical information in a way that is easily understood and generates desired outcomes. This allows you to make well-informed, effective business decisions and feel confident in the management of your business. 

If necessary, we are willing to ask the probing questions, we are your own professional sounding board that provides insight from a wealth of experience


The Managing Director

Nigel is a Chartered Accountant. He has been in senior financial roles for most of his career. A highly experienced General Manager and CFO with strong leadership, analytical abilities and experience in commercial and not- for-profit organisations in delivering superior performance.


Nigel has a proven record of communicating critical information in a way that is understood and generates desired outcomes. Having strong overall business acumen leads to an understanding of the organisation’s performance, resulting in a greater depth of understanding of its underlying drivers. 

His strong leadership skills as illustrated by establishing a business peer to peer leadership group for 15 businesses over 10 years ago. He has also featured in the CPA’s magazine INTHEBLACK (May 2018). 

Nigel has worked across various industries including professional services, wholesale and retail. He has advised many SMEs. He believes that a good CFO will look ahead, think strategically and make suggestions to help you operate in the most effective way and take advantage of opportunities as they arise. 


Nigel also has written a number of Books. 

Nigel Mason
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Nigel Mason

Chrysalis Proccess

Its all about maturing.  What's this got to do with business.  Everything!

Chrysalis is the process of developing or journeying between the cocoon of a caterpillar through to the transformation of a butterfly.


It's all about business maturity and transformation - in a financially sustainable manner. A caterpillar takes time to change and evolve.  The caterpillar didn’t become the butterfly overnight neither will your business. It is not wasted time but rather preparing, maturing and getting the foundations in place.  Taking short cuts will only lead to failure.


By partnering with Chrysalis Advisors you will give your business the expertise required to grow.  

Comfort zones may be fantastic places but they’re rarely home for growth.  Step out of your comfort zone and call us today to discuss how we will partner with you to mature your business. 

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