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We help business owners smile more and make the profits they deserve. 

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As featured in Australia's most circulated Accounting Magazine   'In The Black'


We enable you to understand your financial results.  You will know what to do in your business to improve your cash flow and profitability, save you time, reduce your stress and manage business risk.


We specialise in helping busy business owners create modern financial systems that saves them time and stress.  You will have freedom do something else at night and on the weekend.

We journey with young or existing businesses who want to build a business whether large or small.

We help businesses to make more money, put more cash in the bank account and reduce stress.

Free up your time from doing your own finances.  By being correctly trained, you save time and do what you enjoy.

We help you Achieve 

How to save more time

More Time

How to double your profits

Double Profit

How to increase cashflow

Increased Cash flow

Increase value of business

Increased Value of Business

How to gain stakeholder enjoyment

Stakeholder's  enjoying the Journey 

How to gain hig staff engagement

High Staff Engagement 

The Man behind this...

Nigel is a Chartered Accounted and Fellow CPA. He works with many businesses, ranging in sizes and industries giving him a very broad range of experience.

His name may be familiar to you as he recently was published in the CPA magazine ‘In The Black’. One of Australias leading Accountants magazines.  

Nigel's true desire for business has led him to where he is today. It’s a true passion of his to see his Clients Businesses grow and flourish.


Nigel believes that financial advice is more than money. It's about confidence, peace of mind, independence and freedom. 

Call us today so you can take your business to the next level with a Qualified Financial Mentor!

Nigel Mason
chartered accountant

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How to double your profits
How to double your profits
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